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Students who want to continue their studies at a Postgraduate level may apply for the following School of Management and Economics' Degrees (two-years) fully taught in English:

Or Degrees fully taught in Italian (Coorte 2017-2018):

If you want to see the list of master activated at the School of Management and Economics, check on the website of the University, the Master section


SIUE DUAL DEGREE - UNITO Department of Management

Another important opportunity given to our best students is to continue their education abroad and achieve the American Bachelor of Science (BSc) in partnership with Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville (SIUE).  

SIUE at a glance

Southern Illinois University (SIUE) is a comprehensive university offering curricula on its main campus of 2600-acre in Edwardsville, Illinois, U.S.A. SIUE provides high quality educational opportunities and services consistent with the needs of the nation, Illinois, and the communities in which its campuses are located.  SIUE's main campus is in Edwardsville, with an urban service and teaching center located in East St. Louis, Illinois.  SIUE is located 17 miles northeast of St. Louis, Missouri, on the bluffs east of the Mississippi River.  As a regional, state-supported university, SIUE services the most populous region of Illinois outside Chicago. SIUE's current enrollment is near 14,000, offering over 30 master's degrees and 40 undergraduate degree programs.  SIUE is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.  Over 400 international students from over 50 countries attend SIUE. SIUE's Bachelor's program in Business is accredited by AACSB.

The Agreement

Up to 15 UNITO students who hold the Bologna degree in Business (Class L-18) will annually be admitted to SIUE with "Senior with degree" status. Students from UNITO who enter SIUE will graduate with a bachelor's degree in Business Admnistration after successfully earning 30 credit hours of study in specified courses.

Tuition and other Fees

Students enrolled in SIUE courses or programs will be charged 1.8 times the in-state tuition rate at SIUE (which in 2016-17 has been at $8,352 x1.8= $15,033) rather than the normal 2.5 times typically assessed to international students.

Upon admission to SIUE, if a student holds a 3.0 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale), the student will be considered for a GEO Scholarship, which entitles the student to pay 1.2 times the in-state tuition rate at SIUE. 

It is understood that all students are charged fees, which are assessed separately from tuition and are payable each semester.  On arrival there is also a nominal service fee for international student orientation, as well as additional per-day housing fees for early arrival.

Terms & Conditions

This current agreement is valid until 1 January 2022. The Department of Management of UNITO will annually propose a list of eligible applicants that can be selected by SIUE to form the group of students that can apply for the program.

Annually, both parties will consult and count the number of students admitted to the program at SIUE.  Annually, both parties will consult and count the number of students who exit the program successfully by graduating from SIUE. 





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