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Governance and organization

Since October, 2023 until September 30th, 2026 , the director of the Degree Course is professor Cecilia Casalegno.

The Director of the Degree Course is elected among the teaching professors of the Bachelor's Degree. The Director summons the Council, superintends the activities of the Degree course and represent it in all activites. She is also responsible for Quality Assessment and of Monitoring and Evaluation processes. 

The study course Council is composed of all the teachers who carry out didactic activities in the course of the study program. It also includes representatives of students enrolled in the course of study as well as technical-administrative staff.

The Council of the course of study:

  • plans and coordinates the teaching activities for the attainment of qualifications;

  • adopts and applies the University Quality Assurance criteria of the course of study;

  • proposes its own educational offer to the Council or the Boards of the Departments involved in it;

  • elaborates proposals to the Departments involved in it on the Didactic Regulations of the course of study;

  • exercises any other task delegated by the Department or by the related departments, or in any case assigned to it by the Articles of Association or by the Regulations.


Composition of the Council a.y. 2023/2024 (26/10/2023)


Lorenzo Vasile



SAA - School of Management, Via Ventimiglia 115, Torino

Tel. +39 0116399.253




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