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PLEASE NOTE: Internships - Extraordinary procedures and alternative activities due to the Covid-19 emergency

In compliance with the Dean's urgent Decree rep. 1064/2020, Prot. No. 140879 of 17/03/2020 and exclusively while national containment measures to contrast and contain the COVID-19 virus emergency are in place, students will have to follow extraordinary procedures for the management of curricular and extracurricular internshipsThese measures apply to students belonging to the Degree Courses of the Departments of Management and of Economic-Social and Mathematical-Statistics (ESOMAS).
We strongly encourage you to read thoroughly the instructions of this document, so as to be informed about the procedures to be followed.


--> Alternative activities for Business & Management students - Covid19 emergency

Alternative activities are accessible just to students planning to graduate in July 2020 who fall within the categories mentioned in the document below. The procedures for students planning to graduate in the Autumn session will be published shortly.
We strongly encourage you to read thoroughly the instructions of this document, so as to be informed about the procedures to be followed and the alternatives available.

 Internship - Alternative Activities


Students enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree course in Business & Management need to do a compulsory curricular internship of 225 hours (9 ECTS).

Students are encouraged to read the following documents:

Please note that students can do just one curricular internship during their Bachelor’s Degree.

The internship is planned for the 3rd term of the 3rd year.

More information about internships is available at the students section. 

Students wishing to do their internship abroad  can participate to specific call for applications (such as the Erasmus+ Traineeship call for applications, CRUI Foundation calls etc.).


Dott.ssa Maria Luisa Cavallo
Tel. 011-6399211

Sig.ra Stefania Galletti
Tel. 011-6399224


Appointment only



Dott.ssa Cristina Ragionieri


Appointment only


The curricular internship allows students to put into practice their knowledge, as well as get a better understanding of the topics covered during the Degree course. It also facilitates their access to the job market.

Thus, the internship experience must be relevant to the Programme of their Degree course, as it is listed in the students’ career plans and it entails the recognition of ECTS/CFU (Crediti Formativi Universitari).

The internship can be activated:


  • The 3rd term of the 3rd year. During the 3rd year, the job placement office will support students in finding a host company, in Italy or abroad.
  • The internship can exceptionally be activated during the summer of the second year, but in this case students would have to independently find the company.


The yearly presentation of internships abroad follows the publication of the Erasmus+ Traineeship call for applications.

Applying students can obtain scholarships to cover some expenses of their internship abroad.

It is suggested to carry out the internship after having finished all the courses and exams. This experience is placed at the end of the programme and it’s included on the career plan because it is an integral part of the students’ learning experience, which completes the theoretical knowledge acquired during the course, providing useful insights for writing the thesis.

Curricular internship

How to activate the curricular internship in Italy

How to activate the curricular internship abroad

What to do at the end of the curricular internship (in Italy and abroad)

How to register the internship ECTS/CFU on the exam transcript

Recognition of work activity, apprenticeship, internship activated by another sponsoring entity

Writing the thesis during the internship


The objectives of the extra-curricular internship are:

  • to strengthen the student’s experience on the job market;
  • to put into practice the knowledge and competences acquired;
  • to self-evaluate the student’s predisposition and professional inclinations.

Within 12 months from their graduation, students can carry out training and extracurricular internships; the trainee must be granted a minimum monthly allowance, which varies according to the region where the traineeship will be done.

Extracurricular internships

How to activate the extra-curricular internship

What to do at the end of the extra-curricular internship


The Job Placement office offers to Companies/Entities the possibility to interact with students and recent graduates, so as to reach a satisfactory matching between the students’ and companies’ needs. Our objectives are:

  • enhance and capitalize upon the high level of training of our students through the activation of:
    • curricular internships - for students who need to acquire ECTS/CFU
    • extra-curricular internships - for recent graduates (up to 12 months from their graduation)
  • support Companies/Entities in the selection activities
  • organize Company Presentations

In order to activate an internship, the company must register on the University of Turin website through the link, selecting “company” as profile type.

The Company/Entity can get in touch with SAA Job placement office by writing to:

How to register on the University of Turin portal

Sign the agreement with UniTo

How to activate the curricular internship

How to activate the extra-curricular internship





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