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Internships - Extraordinary procedures due to the Covid-19 emergency

In compliance with the Dean's urgent Decree rep. 1064/2020, Prot. No. 140879 of 17/03/2020 and exclusively while national containment measures to contrast and contain the COVID-19 virus emergency are in place, students will have to follow extraordinary procedures for the management of curricular and extracurricular internshipsThese measures apply to students belonging to the Degree Courses of the Departments of Management and of Economic-Social and Mathematical-Statistics (ESOMAS).
We strongly encourage you to read thoroughly the instructions of this document, so as to be informed about the procedures to be followed.



Dott.ssa Maria Luisa Cavallo
Tel. 011-6399211

Sig.ra Stefania Galletti
Tel. 011-6399224


Appointment only



Dott.ssa Cristina Ragionieri


Appointment only

  • The internship is planned for the III term of the III year. During your III year, the job placement office will support you in finding a host company, in Italy or abroad, in line with your profile and ambitions.
  • The internship can be done during the summer of your II year, but in this case you would have to independently find the company and you won’t have access to the support services of the Job placement.
  • Remember that you can do just 1 curricular internship during the Bachelor’s Degree.
  • In any case, you cannot start your work experience before all the documents related to the internship have been approved by the job placement office (the procedure usually takes minimum 2 weeks). If you fail to have your documents signed by the job placement office your internship cannot be recognized.


You can do the internship in Italy or abroad, you will be supported by 2 different job placement offices.


9 ECTS = 225 hours, for a full-time (36/40 hours per week).

If you want to do your internship abroad and you plan applying for the Erasmus + Traineeship programme, please consider that - for the scholarship - the minimum duration of the internship is 2 months.


Internships are generally unpaid, but the University will cover your work-insurance expenses.

Foreign students

If you are a foreign student and you prefer to do your internship in Italy your Italian level should be at least B2.

Before you start

Before you begin your traineeship, the University of Turin and the host company need to sign an Agreement (Convenzione di stage), which lists the rights and duties of the parts, the training objectives, the personal data of the trainee and of the company supervisor/tutor and which defines the type and duration of the internship. 

At the end of the curricular internship:

1) You should fill in the online final evaluation form – log in into MyUnito Job Placement --> Tutti i servizi on line --> Valuta il tirocinio.   

2) the original copies of the following documents should be submitted to the Job Placement Office:

3) you should enroll to the “appello” in order to register your internship, following the instructions available at the page How to register on your “libretto” the ECTS related to the Internship

Once a month, you can enroll online to the Internship registration (MAN0319) excluding the months of August, November and December. 

N.B. Make sure you have added the Internship to your career plan and to log in at least once at

Attention: it is not necessary to evaluate the Internship on EDUMETER; for the System, it is sufficient to log in once to the Edumeter page (the final Internship evaluation should be done on the UniTo portal).

Once you have finished your curricular Internship or the recognition period, (of the working activity, or of the apprenticeship, or of an Internship activated by another sponsoring/promoting institution/body):

-> send to the Job Placement office the final documentation

-> enroll to the registration session “appello” of the current month, through ESSE3

Within the end of the current month you will receive an e-mail with your registration’s result.

Below the definitions of the evaluation results:

  • IDONEO – Registration completed.
  • NON IDONEO – The Student must repeat the Internship.
  • ASSENTE – Your documentation is not complete. You need to turn in the missing documents within 5 days. 


PLEASE NOTE: result registrations are exclusively sent to the institutional e-mail address (name.

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