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The Program at a glance

The Business & Management degree program is designed to provide understanding and knowledge of organisations’ management within an international and dynamic context. Students will achieve knowledge about the functional areas of business, the behavior of organizations, as well as their decision-making processes.

Our program provides students with quantitative and analytical knowledge related to the understanding of the economic, social, political and legal environments in which business decisions are made. Main topics and subjects include accounting and finance, marketing, strategy, economics, and organizational behavior. In addition, students will achieve an understanding of the ethical and global issues confronting business together, as well as leadership and team-building skills through the analysis of business cases and other experiential exercises. The international focus of the degree aims at emphasizing the increasingly global dimensions of business and management practices.


Teaching Approach

Classes are provided throughout a block structure which allow the same course to be taught intensively within two-three weeks periods with examinations at the end of each block. This structure allows the involvement of an international faculty including visiting professors and business professionals.

The strengths our educational approaches rely on:

  • Small classes (max 100 student per stream)
  • Courses’ Block Structure (semi-intensive classes)
  • Interactive teaching & learning (case discussion, seminars, workshops, etc.)
  • Team-working (group presentations, business games, etc.)
  • International & Professional Faculty
  • Semester abroad & Internship


 Career prospects

Several career paths are available to the graduates of this program. Our graduates qualify for careers in administration, marketing, or management of business firms, in banking and insurance, in state and local government agencies as well as a variety of other settings where the knowledge of business functions and processes is required.

Typical positions include: business analyst, marketing specialist, export manager, treasury manager, financial accountant, managerial accountant, internal auditor, income tax specialist, management consultant, etc.

The program encourages students to achieve professional experience throughout innovative teaching approaches, internships, international experiences, and other curricular activities.


International perspective

The Department of Management has signed agreements with several foreign universities through which students can experience the international aspects of business education and work, as well as enhance their foreign language capabilities. Our partners’ international programs are accredited by AACSB and EFMD/EPAS.

Moreover, a recent agreement allows our graduates to join the 4th Year at the School of Business of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA ( and get awarded their US Bachelor Degree accredited by AACSB. Subsequently, such students can enroll directly to the 2nd Year our Master in Business Administration.


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