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Counseling DESK

The counselling service offers assistance, provided by trained psychologists, to students attending SAA campus, aiming supporting, accompanying to reflection and analysis, and of supporting in the development of personal resources.

A special service for the SAA School of Management

  • Counselling services can be provided at a distance and in the near future directly in the SAA. It is carried out in full confidentiality by professionals from the Schools of Specialization in Psychology of the University of Turin, qualified in psychotherapy and supported by assistants, trained psychologists themselves.
  • Once you have applied, after filling in a form, you will be contacted by telephone and weekly or fortnightly sessions will be scheduled, depending on the psychologist's assessment and your availability.
  • At the end of the cycle of five interviews, a questionnaire will be filled in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the sessions carried out, and it will be agreed the completion of the cycle or an accompaniment to another service (for Unito students, there is the possibility of doing an additional cycle at the second level counselling service, with interviews only in Italian). Only in exceptional cases and for a brief period of time (e.g. while waiting for another transfer) can the cycle of interviews be extended beyond five.

The counselling service is free and can be requested by filling the form

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