Curriculum for the 3 Years Bachelor Program in Business & Management (L-18)
starting from 2017-18


  YEAR Code Course name Discipline ECTS
N. First        
1   MAN0258 Financial Accounting and Business Administration SECS-P/07 12
2   MAN0259 Microeconomics                                                              SECS-P/01 9
3   MAN0260 Private Law                                      IUS/01 6
4   MAN0261 Statistics for Business                                       SECS-S/01 6
5   MAN0262 EU law IUS/14 6
6   MAN0263 Mathematics for business and finance SECS-S/06 12
7   MAN0264 Operations Management SECS-P/13 5
8   MAN0265 Business Law IUS/04 6
9   MAN0266 Business Management SECS-P/08 6
10   MAN0267 Financial Markets and Corporate Finance SECS-P/11 12
11   MAN0268 Intermediate Financial Accounting SECS-P/07 6
12   MAN0269 Macroeconomics                                                                       SECS-P/01 9
13   MAN0270 Managerial Accounting SECS-P/07 6
14   MAN0271 Marketing SECS-P/08 6
15   MAN0272 Business Organisation SECS-P/10 6
16   MAN0278 Environmental Management Systems SECS-P/13 9
17   MAN0247 Introduction to Psychology and Behavioral Management M-PSI/01 7
      nr. 2 courses among the following ones:   12
18   MAN0274 Administrative Law IUS/10  
  MAN0275 Advanced Accounting SECS-P/07  
  MAN0276 Advanced Banking and Finance SECS-P/11  
  MAN0251 Cross-cultural Management SECS-P/07  
  MAN0273 Management Information Systems and Smart technologies SECS-P/07  
  MAN0279 Global Economy and Development M-GGR/02  
  MAN0252  International Business Management SECS-P/08  
  MAN0281 International Marketing SECS-P/08  
  MAN0282 Tax Law in an International and European perspective IUS/12  
  MAN0283 Soft Skills in Business SPS/07  
  MAN0322 Strategic Management SECS-P/08  
  MAN0285  Sustainability Accounting & Accountability SECS-P/07  
19     Electives              (n. 3 courses from the above list)   18
20   MAN0286
Foreign Language (one course among)
-French Language
-Spanish Language
-German Language
-Italian Language (only for foreign students)

      Internship   9
      Final dissertation   6
        TOT. 180
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