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Thesis and Graduation

The thesis is a dissertation of 30/40 standard pages drafted in English, under the guidance of a supervisor, on one of the topics studied during the Bachelor’s Degree and listed in the student’s career plan.

The thesis must be in English. Binding the thesis is not mandatory.

Thesis front page model

The academic supervisor must be an official professor of the Business and Management Degree Course, Professor (“titolare”) or Associate professor (“a contratto”) of the course selected as the subject of the thesis, or a professor or researcher of the School of Management and Economics and belonging to the scientific disciplinary sector of the thesis topic.

For Associate professors the graduation subject should be the same as the one appearing on the professor’s contract.

For Bachelor’s Degrees students cannot request co-supervisors.

The thesis topic should be selected among the disciplinary sectors of the exams that are listed in the student’s career plan.

The scientific disciplinary sector of each course is mentioned on the website, on the course’s page, under the section “Course disciplinary sector (SSD)”.

If students want to write their thesis about their internship they should connect their work experience to one of the courses in their career plan.

In order to graduate, students should submit an online graduation application through MyUnito, within the deadlines established for each graduation session.

in order to be sure to be able to graduate within the graduation session and avoiding withdrawing the graduation application, it is recommended to submit the graduation application just after having passed, even if not yet registered, at least 162 ECTS (CFU).

Read the step-to-step guide to fill in the graduation application.

Please remember that the procedure will require students to upload:

  • Receipt of the graduation application
  • Thesis title signed by the supervisor
  • Alma laurea receipt

These forms must be uploaded within the deadline for the graduation application.

The thesis must be uploaded within the deadline for the thesis upload (check in the table)

If for any reason you want to withdraw your graduation application, you should send an official request. You should:

If you do not send the withdraw request, you will not be able to submit the graduation application for the following graduation session.

If you want to graduate to the next graduation session you will have to re-send the graduation application.  

The University of Turin has launched the “Online thesis” service which allows you to rapidly upload your thesis.

You can have access to the service and read useful information regarding the thesis upload on this section 

Instructions in English [To be added]

The final grade is calculated adding the points attributed to the thesis to the weighted average (expressed in hundred and tenth) to possible bonus.

The weighted average is calculated on the basis of the marks of all exams in the career plan. Students can see their weighted average on their MyUniTO page, under the “libretto” section.

For the final grade, the following points will be added:

1- Score related to the initial weighed average:

  • initial score 91/110 or lower: + 0 points;
  • initial score from 92/110 to 96/110: + 3 points;
  • initial score from 97/110 to 101/110: + 4 points;
  • initial score 102/110 or higher: + 5 points.

2 - Graduation session score

Some additional points will be attributed as follows:

  • + 3 points for students graduating in the summer session (July);
  • + 2 points for students graduating in the autumn session (October);
  • + 1 point for students graduating in the winter session

These points will be attributed only to students that have not enrolled in the Degree Program:

  • For more than 3 years (full time)
  • For more than 4 years (2 part-time and 2 full time)

And that have not requested the recognition of CFU from previous study careers.

3 - Thesis evaluation score
The Graduation committee can attribute from 0 to 3 points to the final dissertation.

If the total score is 111 or higher the graduation committee can unanimously decide to confer the Degree with final honours (cum laude).

A graduation committee, composed of 7 professors of the Management Department, will award the Degree- A collective ceremony for each graduation session will follow.

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