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Certificate request procedure


Download a self-certification

Students can download a self-certification from their personal MyUniTo page by selecting “Career>Certificates”.


Official transcript request

In order obtain the following transcripts:

    • Enrolment and registration;
    • Enrolment, registration and exams taken;
    • Degree certificate;

you will have to follow this procedure:

1. download and fill in the form “richiesta_certificati

For Enrolment and registration certificates

    • ISCR_02E (English)
    • ISCR_02 (Italian)

For Enrolment, registration and exams taken certificates

    • ISCR_05E (English)
    • ISCR_05 (Italian)

For Degree certificates

    • LAUR_04E (English)
    • LAUR_04 (Italian)

2. send the form via email to and specify in the email subject “Certificate request - Name_Surname”

3. pay the fee through MyUniTo personal page (section “Payments”) - requesting a certificate requires the payment of one tax stamp for the form and one for each requested certificate (tax stamps amount to 16€ each)

4. once you have paid the fee, you will receive the certificate through your institutional email address; in case you need the original copy of the transcript, you can contact the SME student office.

If you are a graduated student and you need a Diploma Supplement, you will have to send an email to with your scanned ID or passport attached. The document will be issued within 30 days and in digital format.

Last update: 26/07/2021 14:32
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