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Students Affairs Committee



1.  A student committee is established to:

(a) instruct the examination of practices for the recognition of equivalence of courses attended, including judgments of consistency on the ECTS out of the syllabus, and for the equivalence of degrees obtained at other degree programs, Italian and foreign universities and schools, to be submitted for deliberation by the Degree Council;

b) attend to the selection of students admitted to international exchanges;

c) organize in agreement with the Monitoring and Review Committee initiatives to inform students about the contents of courses, the links between them and the types of existing study plans;

2.  The committee shall decide internally on the division of duties and rules for operation, including delegation to individual components by subject or by years or by letter of the alphabet. In the case of delegation to individual components, doubtful cases and cases in respect of which disputes exist shall be decided by each committee as a whole.

3.  The committee is elected by the Graduate Council. 

Technical and administrative staff supporting the Student Committee

  • Lorenzo Vasile
  • Yuliya Dolzhenko



  1. Casalegno Cecilia (President)
  2. Gromis Di Trana Melchior Emanuele (Member)
  3. Isaia Eleonora (Member)
  4. Quattrocchio Luciano Matteo (Member)
  5. Tibiletti Luisa (Member)


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