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Italian Language


Italian Language


Academic year 2020/2021

Course ID
Paolo Nitti (Lecturer)
Giorgia Tiengo (Tutor)
Marie Vezzoli (Tutor)
1st year
Teaching period
To be defined
For the final degree and for the knowledge of foreign language
Course disciplinary sector (SSD)
L-FIL-LET/12 - linguistica italiana
Formal authority
Type of examination
Practice test

Sommario del corso


Course objectives

The “Italian Language” Module aims at: 1) learn and use strategies for studying various aspects of the Italian language (e.g. vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and production); 2) enhance comprehension and production skills in Italian (the classes and the activities will be partly in English). The “Language practice” Module aims at practicing all the aspects of the Italian language that are necessary to reach the B1 (Intermediate) level according to the European Framework for Languages.

L'insegnamento di Lingua italiana si prefigge l'obiettivo di insegnare a utilizzare strategie di studio di diversi aspetti della lingua italiana (es. vocabolario, grammatica, produzione e comprensione) e perfezionare le abilità di produzione e ricezione in italiano. Parte delle lezioni sarà in inglese. La parte pratica, invece, è orientata al perfezionamento degli aspetti trattati durante il corso, con l'obiettivo di raggiungere il livello B1 del QCERL.


Results of learning outcomes

At the end of the course students will be able to

  • identify, understand and interpret the main points of clear standard speech on familiar and professional matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.

  • understand the main point of radio or TV programs on different affairs or topics.

  • understand texts that consist mainly of high frequency everyday or professional language.

  • understand and identify descriptions of events, feelings and wishes in personal and formal letters.

  • deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken.

Alla fine del corso gli studenti e le studentesse saranno in grado di identificare i punti salienti del parlato e dello scritto e comprendere vari tipi e generi testuali.



1. Grammar

- uses and functions of the determinative and indeterminative articles

- regular and irregular noun forms

- possessive, personal, direct, indirect, relative, dimonstrative indefinite adjectives and pronouns

- adverbs

- double pronouns

- comparatives and superlatives

- verbs: (Indicative, Conditional, Subjunctive, Imperative)

- periphrasis

- passive form

- preposition

- conjunctions.


2. Vocabulary

- everyday life (shopping, transport, food and drink, clothes, music, cinema, family, relationships, free-time activities, sport, weather, citylife, hobbies, money, climate, internet)

- professional LSP.

1. Grammatica

- gli articoli determinativi e indeterminativi

- il sistema nominale

- aggettivi e pronomi

- avverbi

- pronomi doppi

- comparativi e superlativi

- verbi: (Indicativo, Condizionale, Congiuntivo, Imperativo)

- perifrasi

- passive form

- preposizioni

- congiunzioni.

2. Vocabolario

- Vita quotidiana

- Microlingue professionali


Course delivery

The attendance for this course is mandatory  (70% for both lectures and language practice modules) and the teaching activities will be totally online.

Il corso ha obbligo di frequenza (70% di entrambe le parti) e le attività sono totalmente online.


Learning assessment methods

Given the COVID-19 emergency, the examinations will take place remotely (online).

Students should always register for the exam via ESSE3. A few days before the exam day, ONLY enrolled students will be notified about the Webex link via their UniTo e-mail. For the further details, please, check here.

Code of ethics | Exams

Each student is invited to carefully read the University's Code of Ethics (available at the link: whose moral principles we are sure you will all comply with - especially in this situation, in which the methods of examination will rely on your high sense of responsibility. You are men and women who will soon find your place in the labour market: professors have faith in your human qualities and we appeal to those.

However, the risk that meritocratic principles will be undermined by inappropriate behavior is real and that is why each professor will continue, with even greater rigor, to supervise the performance of the oral and written examination tests, facilitated by the inferential analysis tools of numerous data available to us and by anti-plagiarism and anti-copying software (eg TURNITIN

All unlawful behaviors will be punished according with the administrative sanctions that the regulation on proceedings and disciplinary sanctions against students provides for (

A causa dell'emergenza COVID-19 il corso sarà erogato totalmente a distanza. 


Suggested readings and bibliography

Class handouts. 



“Le modalità di svolgimento dell'attività didattica potranno subire variazioni in base alle limitazioni imposte dalla crisi sanitaria in corso. In ogni caso è assicurata la modalità a distanza per tutto l'anno accademico”



Class scheduleV

Lessons: dal 06/10/2018 to 20/12/2018

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